Stolen Equipment Pat McManus Band

Ich bin gebeten worden, folgenden »unfreiwilligen Eigentumsübergang« zu veröffentlichen. Die genaue Equipmentsliste befindet sich weiter unten.

Original Meldung mit der Bitte um »Weiterleitung« oder »Teilen« in entsprechende Foren und ggf. auf Facebook:

Stolen Equipment Pat McManus Band

Stolen Equipment Pat McManus Band

Wednesdaymight after their show in Leeds UK al gear is stolen of the Pat MacManus Band. They were just going to start a tour in Holland. If you see anything for sale out of the list or passing by please let them know. Pat himself:

I have always believed in good karma..but not right now!!! At the moment the
guys and I are devastated as last night some rotten person stole all our
gear.I am posting this incase anyone may see or hear of any of equipment
being sold anywhere…I think most of you know what we play and use….but
in the next coming days I will post some pictures.As any Musician knows this
equipment is built up over a life time and the sentimental value is often
more than the cost..but right now all I can say is the show somehow will go

Stolen Equipment. The List

PRS Custom 22 red
Gibson Les Paul Sunburst (with very distinctive unfinished back)
Vintage V6HMRSB aged sunburst
Blackstar Overdrive
Boss DD3 Delay
Boss Looper
Boss Harmoniser
Boss Pitch Shifter
Morley Bad Horsie Wah
BiYang Delay (2)
Duane 69 Overdrive
Diago Pedalboard
White Skeleton Violin
German 1780 Violin
Squier CV P bass. Fiesta red
Vintage Icon V4 white. RW Fingerboard
Vintage Icon V74
Xvive Pedal Tuner
Xvive chorus
Xvive overdrive
Boss OC2
Xvive pedal board
Alto mixer
Shure SM58
Fischer IEM pack
LD IEM pack uhf
Marshall headphone amp
Assorted cases leads and cables

Website und Mail-Adresse Pat McManus Band.


…hört gerne Musik. Über Röhrenverstärker. Musikrichtung egal. Ausser Jazz, Hip-Hop, House, Metal, Trash, Schlager, Volksmusik, Gangsta-Rap (noch schlimmer, wenn in Deutsch gebrüllt). Da krieg' ich ein Hörnchen. Autor der Bücher: Hören mit Röhren, Röhrenschaltungen und High-End Röhrenschaltungen. Artikel in hifi-tunes (Röhrenbuch 2): Bauteileauswahl für Röhrenverstärker und EL509 Single-Ended Röhrenverstärker im Selbstbau

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